Quantum healing
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon. Dolores developed and refined this technique over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with clients in countries all over the world. I have studied with Dolores and am certified to practice her method.
Some people may think of the term "Past Life Regression" as being QHHT and that is actually  how the technique started with the exploration of Past Lives.  Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are being experienced. For example, some clients experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets and/or Lives in Other Dimensions. Other clients visit the Spirit Side and yet others find themselves in the Akashic Records or visiting the Temple of Healing. QHHT embodies the concept the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address requests for healing or information.
The purpose of QHHT is to receive physical and spiritual healing, as well as answers from the subconscious (SC) or higher self. The session is about you, and just you! I am simply the facilitator who conducts the session to bring forward the answers and healing your SC considers appropriate for you to know and receive.
Please keep in mind that the outcome of the session is directly related to your willingness to receive the healing and answers you seek. In addition, the outcome depends on what your SC considers appropriate for you to know to help you on your path in life.
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How may I help you?
Have you ever wanted to open up to someone to be that ear that really wants to listen and help?
Do you suffer from back pain or any other physical pain?
Have you ever wanted to get answers to big question such as what is my purpose?  

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These healing sessions are both mentally and physically healing.
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